about hair Bears Dog Grooming

we are a Friendly, professional furr artist & butt washer (also known as 'dog groomer') based in Southampton. Hair Bears Dog Grooming is a small business with a big heart, offering a calm, safe, holistic approach to grooming, centered around the individuality of each dog that comes through the door  

What is Holistic Grooming?

the word 'holistic' is a term meaning 'whole' that describes caring for the entire needs of the pet to ensure their mental & emotional well-being as well as their physical. Pooches will only be groomed according to, and not pushed beyond their tolerance levels. Should we believe your dog is displaying signs of fear or stress at any time, alternative strategies will be employed to alleviate this, or if necessary the groom ended for the sake of the pets welfare 

Sounds great! tell me more

Pooches are groomed in a calm, relaxing, 121 environment, Hair Bears is cage free, muzzle free and will always prioritise Humanity over vanity! 

Grooming holistically simply means considering the well-being of the pet, the owner and even the groomer. A happy groomer = a happy pooch

HB x